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Hi, I’m Eliska and I’m from New Zealand. I studied Japanese at university and used it a lot during my solo travel to Hokkaido and other places in Japan. Two years ago I studied at Akita International University for four months. I liked Akita a lot so I wanted to come back as soon as possible. I come from a rural area in New Zealand, so I also like the rural life in Akita and participating in small community events.


GIve me a job!

Now I have a working holiday visa so I can do part-time and seasonal work in Japan until next year June. But I want to find a full-time job so I can get a work visa and stay longer.

In addition to Japanese, I studied two majors at university: “Ecology and Biodiversity” and “English Literature”. I chose these because I like nature and have an interest in ecology research, and I enjoy reading and writing. I have taken writing workshops limited to twelve students, and a course in freelance and travel writing.

After I graduated, I worked as a Ranger in New Zealand for about one year. The work involved trapping invasive animals and weeding invasive plants in order to protect New Zealand native animals and plants. This was a very physical job involving about 5 hours of hiking steep hills and thick forests every day. I also learned many hands-on skills such as how to use tools like screwdrivers and hammers, making and fixing things, and using compasses and GPS.

I enjoy this kind of work for nature conservation and working outside. Because I am used to physical work, I can also do farm work. Because I have writing experience, I can write various articles or do some kind of work using English. I like working with young people and was a youth camp leader and junior high school students’ reading partner when I was in high school. I think education is very important and also have an interest in becoming a teacher.

However I am not a fussy person and I am happy to consider any kind of work offer. I can learn quickly and will work hard. Other job experience I have is in fruit orchard work, looking after pets, gardening, domestic cleaning, shopkeeping, cafe and restaurant waitressing/drink-making/dishwashing and an English conservation practice partner with Japanese students.

Apart from nature and writing, my other hobbies are wildlife photography, playing the guitar, making my own music, fishing, sailing, Tae Kwon Do, sports, travel, and spending time with friends.

Thank you for reading!


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